Our Employees

Tomas von Rettig

President and CEO

Stig Björkqvist

Group Business Controller

Nina Brännare

Assistant, office services

Jarmo Ellmén

Group Treasurer

Topi Jokiranta

Treasury Manager

Roger Lönnberg

CIO of Rettig Group and CEO of Anchor Ltd

Kristiina Marklund

Assistant to President and CEO

Pia Mykkänen

Cash Manager

Elina Parkkinen

Assistant, office services

Matts Rosenberg

Chief Operating Officer

Lauri Soikkeli

Group Tax Director

Kimmo Soukka


Christian Ståhlberg

General Counsel

Marjo Tuomola

Accounting Manager

Josefina Tallqvist

Director, Corporate Communication and IR

Sebastian Wester

Internal Auditor

Tomas Ölander

Chief Financial Officer