Our investments

Rettig Group is a Finnish family held investment company that creates value for generations through active and responsible ownership.

Rettig ICC

Indoor climate comfort

Rettig ICC is Europe’s leading supplier of systems for indoor climate comfort including radiators, underfloor heating, valves and controls. The company’s two main brands are Vogel&Noot targeting mid-sized to large projects and Purmo Radson focusing on small-sized applications and domestic housing. The largest direct customers are sanitary and heating wholesalers based in northern, western, central and eastern Europe but increasingly also in North America and Asia.

Rettig Group holds 100% of Rettig ICC.


Limestone-based products

Nordkalk is the leading company providing limestone-based products and solutions in Northern Europe. It delivers essential raw material to numerous industries such as the pulp, paper, metals, mining, construction and chemicals industry. Nordkalk's solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as the productivity of agricultural land. With production in more than 20 locations around the Baltic Sea and in Central Europe, Nordkalk is always near its customers.

Rettig Group holds 100% of Nordkalk.


Marine, pension and life insurance

Alandia is one of the leading marine insurers in the Nordic and Baltic region. It also offers yacht insurance, statutory pension insurance, life insurance and private insurance.

Rettig Group's holding in Alandia is about 25%. As a responsible, long-term and active owner of Alandia, our focus is on supporting and developing the business of Alandia through the Board of Directors of Alandia. Through its earlier subsidiary Bore, Rettig Group has been a co-owner of the former Redarnas Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag, today Alandia, since 2006.


Healthcare services

Terveystalo is a leading private healthcare service provider in Finland offering primary and outpatient secondary healthcare services to corporate, private and public sector customers. The company’s healthcare service offering includes general practice and specialist medical care, diagnostic services, outpatient surgery, dental services and other adjacent services, which together comprise its integrated healthcare care chain. Terveystalo is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.

Rettig Group holds about 16% of Terveystalo.


Asset management and corporate finance

eQ is a Finnish group of companies specialising in asset management and corporate finance. eQ Plc is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.

Rettig Group holds about 10% of eQ Plc.


In-house investment company

Anchor's strategic objective is to support the net asset value growth, asset liquidity and risk diversification of Rettig Group. Anchor has both long-term and short-term investments with different liquidity characteristics. It typically invests in private market funds such as private equity, private debt and real-estate funds. Anchor’s direct investments in equities and fixed income are mainly in the Nordic region. Outside the Nordic countries it typically invests through funds.

Anchor’s investments are typically smaller in size, EUR 1–10 million, and require less active involvement than the core investments of Rettig Group. Co-investments are part of Anchor’s strategy.