Rettig ICC

Indoor climate comfort

Rettig ICC is Europe’s leading supplier of systems for indoor climate comfort including radiators, underfloor heating, valves and controls. The company’s two main brands are Vogel&Noot targeting mid-sized to large projects and Purmo Radson focusing on small-sized applications and domestic housing. The largest direct customers are sanitary and heating wholesalers based in northern, western, central and eastern Europe but increasingly also in North America and Asia.

Mission and vision

Rettig ICC’s mission is to offer more indoor climate comfort with less resources, energy and emissions. We aim to be Europe’s leading supplier of heat emitter and climate comfort solutions. Growth will come from related and new markets.

Cleantech by Rettig ICC

While it is important that heating solutions provide the ideal level of indoor climate comfort in the most energy-efficient way it is also crucial to reduce dependence on finite energy sources, to cut emissions and to lower overall costs. Rettig ICC is constantly developing solutions to meet this growing demand.


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