Corporate governance

Corporate governance defines the decision-making systems through which owners, directly or indirectly, control a company. For an investment company like Rettig Group, and its owners, good corporate governance is fundamental – both to Rettig Group’s own organisation as well as to our portfolio companies.

Rettig Group is directed and controlled by its shareholders and further through the Board of Directors of Rettig Group, which is supported by its audit committee, the Rettig Group President and CEO together with his or her management team. The management team includes Group business leaders and persons responsible for Group functions.

As an investor and owner, Rettig Group is responsible for the integrated overall Group strategy, value creation, mergers and acquisitions, divestments, financing, investor relations, investment prioritisation and financial resource allocation.

Portfolio companies of Rettig Group are managed in a decentralised way as relatively independent entities. They are managed within the framework of Rettig's management policies and the procedures set by Rettig Group's Board of Directors. Portfolio companies have an operational business role and are responsible for their respective business strategies, operations and profitability development, employee, customer and supplier relations etc. This decentralised governance model gives management responsibility to the operational management closest to business realities with a deep understanding of the industry specific business rationale, market and customer needs. 

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