As a family held company with over 200 years of business history, balancing economic realities with issues relating to for example our people and environment, have always been a natural mode of operation throughout our long history. We are driven by our mission to create value for generations based on our core values – trust, collaboration, aspiration and quality.

Our key responsibility drivers

  • As an investment company and owner Rettig Group’s main focus is on ownership: we aim for positive value creation through active and responsible ownership.
  • We believe that well structured processes and clear strategies are important for risk management and sustainable value creation.
  • We always set out to ensure that operations are conducted in a responsible and ethical manner. Compliance with legislation and regulations is a basic requirement.
  • We drive and support the strategic agenda of the companies we own through their Board of Directors. We strive to ensure that important and relevant policies and goals are in place to ensure responsible, ethical and sustainable business operations. As risks and challenges differ between industries, each company in Rettig Group’s diversified portfolio of companies identifies and addresses independently the issues relevant to its particular operations.

Our people and our other key stakeholders are prerequisites and key assets for our business that enable sustainable economic growth. We report regularly through the Rettig Group Annual Report and our financial reports during the financial year. 

Reports and presentations