The new Children's hospital



Rettig Group has since 2013 been one of the in-kind donors supporting the construction of the new Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, a state-of-the-art medical facility opened in the autumn of 2018. Our donation included Purmo Group's heating products to a value of EUR 1.1 million, as well as several months of engineering planning to ensure that our products fit and work properly in the building.

A well-orchestrated project

From the very beginning the construction of the hospital followed a tight and well-orchestrated schedule. During the project we delivered more than 200 separate shipments to the construction site from six different countries in Europe.

The heating and cooling pipework delivered by us included composite pipes and pipe connections as well as flow and temperature controls. For instance, there are more than 500 Delta radiators, and more than 100,000 m of Floortec floor piping for the building’s concrete core activation.

One of the largest construction sites in Finland

The project to build a new children’s hospital in Finland was started because the facilities of the old national Children’s Hospital established in 1946 were becoming too small and outdated. The eight-storey hospital was one of the largest construction sites in the country, and it was fully designed using BIM technology (Building Information Modelling).

The new facilities represent world-class medical care to serve all children and their families across Finland. The care of many very challenging illnesses, requiring treatment such as heart surgery or organ transplants, are concentrated at the new hospital.

Facts & figures

Construction period: August 2015 – June 2018
In use: during the autumn of 2018
Floor surface: 45,000 m² – equivalent to about 4.5 football pitches
Building project cost: EUR 175 million

Rettig's donation: EUR 1.1 million, plus several months of engineering planning
Countries from which Purmo Group’s products and know-how have been delivered: Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Austria