The foundation that our company is built on is our core values. These values are what define our company and culture, and we want to attract people and business partners that share our values.


Do the right thing

Our most important asset is our brand, and our brand is built on trust. We have earned the trust of our stakeholders over decades and will take every step necessary to preserve and strengthen it in the future. We expect our people to have high ethical standards and always act with integrity. Every business relationship that we engage in is built on trust.


Foster relationships & embrace teamwork

We believe in leveraging our collective talent. Strong, long-term partnerships are essential to our future success, and as a family-owned company, building and fostering relationships comes natural to us. In each interaction, we strive to ensure that our work is conducted in a manner that is respectful, professional, open and collaborative.


Seek to improve

We are known for our ambition, as well as the courage and ability to renew when necessary. As a committed, active and responsible owner, we will continue to challenge ourselves and our portfolio companies to deliver sustainable results and continuous improvement.


Whatever you do, do it well

Rettig Group exists to create long-term value, and that can only be achieved by highlighting quality in everything we do. We own best-in-class companies, we attract dynamic, highly-skilled and self-motivated professionals and we always aim to deliver top-notch results.