The traditions and values of Rettig are the essence of the Rettig culture, whether it is within the Group or as we interact with our external stakeholders. Our values are a very important part of who we are, our attitude and our style.


An open mindset is essential for interactive teamwork and sharing information. With free flow of information we create an atmosphere conducive to understanding our business operations at all levels in the organisation.


Modesty is the principle applied by Rettig in listening to and understanding divergent views and opinions. The opposite of modesty is arrogance. A modest organisation is sensitive to early signals.


Fairness is the Rettig approach to handling both internal and external relationships. It is also our attitude when meeting challenges and solving problems. Solutions that are perceived as fair by all parties become permanent solutions.

Trust and respect

Trust and respect are the most fundamental elements of our interaction and communication with different stakeholders. Without trust and respect people feel neither empowered nor prepared to take charge.