Funding strategy and principles

Rettig Group's funding policy is designed to give Rettig Group access to a variety of financing sources in all circumstances.

Centralised funding

As a rule, external funding is carried out by Rettig Group. Funds are subsequently used for capital expenditure and working capital needs of the Group’s portfolio companies. As part of that internal funding, the Group cash flow is generated primarily by the portfolio companies.

Broad diversification

We aim to fund our business securely and base our funding on the following principles: Ensuring access to adequate liquidity reserves in all market conditions; using a variety of debt instruments to optimally diversify the funding base; and combining long-term and short-term financing to balance the maturity profile.

Transparent communication

We aim to communicate our strategy clearly with a high degree of transparency. To achieve this Rettig Group reports quarterly, arranges debt investor updates and an annual Capital Markets Day. We also arrange informational meetings for our core group of banks. In addition, we take into account the interests of debt capital investors when compiling information for our financial communication.

Banking policy

In the course of our funding program Rettig Group uses selected core banks. These are defined e.g. via their participation in Rettig Group's syndicated revolving credit facilities. As a family company Rettig Group values long term relationships. Trust, a key value of Rettig Group, is built up over time. Banking relations are based on mutual trust and reciprocity. Rettig Group has long and good relationships to several Finnish and international banks.